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Hacklink Service

Hacklink building refers to a set of unorthodox link building techniques used to manipulate search engine rankings. These techniques are often used by black hat SEOs with the aim of quickly improving a website’s ranking regardless of the quality of the links or user experience.


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Hacklink Packages


$100 / month

  • 50 Hacklink
  • Max DA40
  • Manuel Work Guaranteed
  • Fast Index: 24 – 48 Hours
  • 1 Anchor Text (Keyword) Per Link


$250 / month

  • 100 Hacklink
  • DA40+
  • Manuel Work Guaranteed
  • Fast Index: 24 – 48 Hours
  • 1 Anchor Text (Keyword) Per Link


$400 / month

  • 100 Hacklink
  • DA50+
  • Manuel Work Guaranteed
  • Fast Index: 24 – 48 Hours
  • 1 Anchor Text (Keyword) Per Link


$700 / month

  • 100 Hacklink
  • DA75+
  • Manuel Work Guaranteed
  • Fast Index: 24 – 48 Hours
  • 1 Anchor Text (Keyword) Per Link



$500 / month

  • Medium Search Volume
  • Quality Web Traffic
  • Closed Account Compensation
  • Manual Work Guarantee
  • FAST Indexing and Sorting: 1-2 Hours


$700 / month

  • Medium Search Volume
  • Quality Web Traffic
  • On-Page & Off Page SEO
  • Manual Work Guarantee
  • FAST Indexing and Sorting: 6-12 Hours


This is a SEO technique used to grow a website’s ranking in search engines by creating unauthorized backlinks to the website. 

If you want to be a customer, need to contact us with our contact channels.

You can pay by crypto or bank transfer. After payment, we start work the service you purchased.

We provide a first page guarantee depending on the service and process you purchase.

Pros :
+ PBNs are an easy and quick way to generate backlinks compared to white-hat link building
+ Control over the choice of anchor links and the exact pages the backlinks will target
+ Create many backlinks with minimal effort & budget
+ Get instant authority , cause you are taking advantage of the reputation of an aged, reputable website

-Risk damaging Google penalties
-Buying expired high-authority domains can be expensive

  • Homepage: Aim for 100-150 backlinks to your website’s homepage for a good starting point.
  • Individual pages: Ideally, have 100-200 backlinks to each relevant page you want to rank higher in search results.
Yes, Backlinks Remain Relevant:

  • Indicators of Authority and Credibility: Backlinks act like “votes of confidence” from other websites, signaling to search engines that your content is valuable and trustworthy. This can influence your website’s ranking in search results.
  • Increased Visibility and Traffic: Backlinks essentially act as additional pathways for users to discover your website. When other websites link to yours, they potentially send visitors your way, boosting your traffic and reach.
Links on other websites that point back to a page on your website. The more backlinks you have from high-quality websites, the more likely your website is to be seen as authoritative and relevant for specific search queries.

You can buy backlinks simple from our website. We work high-quality and fast.

  1. Use Backlink checker tools like SemRush, Ahrefs, Moz, Majestic.
  2. Browse Referring Traffic in Google Analytics: Check the “Acquisition” > “All Traffic” > “Referrals” section to see which websites are sending traffic to your site.

Your website needs to be examined to say this. This varies according to age of your website

+Ranking Increase (if you buy right PBN and no IP foot print)
+All organic keyword increasing

High-aged domains are essential for quality backlinks or hacklinks, and you can get these domains from us.

The time it takes for backlinks to “show up” in SEO, meaning they noticeably impact your website’s rankings, is not an exact science. It can vary widely depending on several factors, but here’s a general breakdown:


Backlinks themselves can be indexed by search engines relatively quickly, sometimes within days of being discovered.
However, initial visibility doesn’t necessarily translate into immediate impact on rankings.
Impact on Rankings:

The full impact of backlinks on your SEO rankings is generally a gradual process, taking weeks to months for search engines to fully consider their influence.
On average, experts estimate around 10 weeks for backlinks to start noticeably affecting your rankings.
Factors Affecting Speed:

Authority of the linking domain: Backlinks from high-authority websites tend to have a stronger and faster impact compared to those from low-authority sites.
Freshness of content: Backlinks to recently published content are generally picked up and considered quicker by search engines.
Overall link profile: Websites with a natural and diverse backlink profile (variety of sources and anchor text) tend to see benefits faster than those with an unnatural or spammy profile.

Hacklink is defined as a hacklink given from one website to another website using illegal methods without the knowledge of the website owner. It is a prohibited hacklink acquisition method in search engine optimization (SEO).

Features of Hacklinks:

  • Hidden: Hacklinks are often hidden by embedding them in images, text or JavaScript code. In this way, they are not easily noticed by normal users.

Purposes of Use of Hacklinks:

  • Increasing the site’s search engine ranking: Hacklinks can make the site appear higher in search engine results.
  • Harming rival sites: Hacklinks can also be used to lower the search engine rankings of rival sites.

Ways to Protect from Hacklinks:

  • Check your site regularly: Check your site regularly for hacklinks.
  • Use security software: You can prevent hacklinks from being added to your site by using security software.
  • Track your hacklinks: Track the source of the hacklinks you use and remove any hacklinks that look suspicious.

Although the use of Hacklink may seem like a short-term solution in search engine optimization, it can contribute to your site in the long term. Only correct work and quality link service should be used.

Common Hacklink Creation Techniques

Hacklinks are hacklinks added using illegal methods without the permission of the website owner. It is a method of obtaining hacklinks that is prohibited in search engine optimization (SEO).

Some common hacklink building techniques are:

  1. SQL Injections:

An attacker can add hacklinks by injecting SQL queries into the website’s database.

  1. Comment Spam:

An attacker can leave comments containing hacklinks in areas such as blog comments, forum posts, or guest books.

  1. Defacement:

An attacker can add a hacklink by hacking the website.

  1. Phishing:

The attacker can trick website owners into adding hacklinks.

  1. Spam Email:

The attacker can send spam emails containing hacklinks to website owners.

  1. Malware:

The attacker can infect the website with malware that adds hacklinks.

  1. Secret Hacklinks:

An attacker can hide hacklinks in images, text, or JavaScript code.

Do Follow and No Follow Links Differences

Two important concepts that we encounter when talking about hacklinks are dofollow and nofollow links. The main difference between these two lies in their importance in terms of search engine optimization (SEO).

Dofollow Links:

  • Definition: Dofollow links are links that send the “follow this link and evaluate the linked page” signal to search engines.
  • SEO Benefit: Dofollow links help increase the search engine ranking of your website. Because search engines perceive dofollow links as a kind of “recommendation” and value the linked page. The more quality dofollow links your site has, the higher it will appear in search results.
  • Example: If a news site gives a dofollow link to your health-related article from its site, this will help you rank higher in health searches in search engines.

Nofollow Links:

  • Definition: Nofollow links are links that send the “do not follow this link” signal to search engines.
  • SEO Benefit: Nofollow links do not directly affect search engine rankings. But it still has its benefits. Nofollow links can drive traffic to your website and increase your brand awareness. Additionally, linking to reliable sources can improve the overall appearance of your site.
  • Example: If a link to your website is given in a forum, it can direct traffic to you even if it is a nofollow link.

Usage Areas:

  • Dofollow links are generally used in situations such as bibliography links used by editors in articles and guest author articles.
  • Nofollow links frequently appear in sponsored content, forum posts, and social media posts.


  • Dofollow link: It affects search engine rankings, it is a “recommendation”.
  • Nofollow link: Does not directly affect search engine rankings, provides traffic and brand awareness.

Hacklink PDF

PDF document of our website where you can purchase Hacklink: Hacklink Panel

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